Top 5 cheap gaming Laptops

Today world is running with virtual concepts. We are using so many gadgets and aspects of the virtual world. The world becomes impossible without computers and laptops. We all become digital in some way or other. Smartphones and laptops have replaced place of sports and games in youngsters’ life.

Gaming is altogether a different market for many gaming lovers in laptop segment. Gaming becomes a high level demand in younger generation which lead many gaming company to develop amazing graphics and 3D games. But to run these games you have to have superior specifications. It is no hidden that such superior specifications can disturb your budget. But there are many laptops available in the market which can still give you the good and reliable option if you need the budget friendly gaming laptop.


There are some important guidelines which must be known while purchasing laptops. There many games which required particular specifications. If you are a lover of some particular game it is advisable to check its requirements. Many games need requirements of a high-speed processor, for this one should choose latest and high-speed processor from Intel and AMD. Like processor gaming required good RAM also. These days most of the games required 8 GB RAM. Good graphics card with good support will give amazing display and full advantage of gaming.

5. Dell Inspiron 13 i7347-50sLV Gaming Laptop:
One of the best laptops available in budgeted price range is Dell inspiron 13. It is having core i3 processor which is equivalent to the most powerful processor from AMD. All recent games would run smoothly with this laptop. You can also use it as a tablet as it is convertible.
Price: 32500 INR
4. HP 15-d020nr 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop:
HP is also not behind in the race of gaming budgeted laptops. If you have no problem in using AMD processor instead of Intel then This laptop can give you the solution. Actually, it can give you more speed then same price laptop with Intel processor. It is coming with the touchscreen display which will enhance your working with windows 8. It is having quad core processor from AMD. So you just need to check that your favorite game would run with this configurations or not.
Price: 29499 INR
3. Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241:
From the Japanese company Toshiba, This laptop is having some amazing specifications which would give you higher advantages. It is having Intel core i5- 5200U processor. This model is also having a facility of 8 GB RAM. Most of the latest games would run significantly smooth with such configurations.
Price: 32990 INR
2. Acer Aspire F15:
Acer Aspire F15 is having the good high-speed processor which can give better performance in gaming. It is having 8 GB RAM with Intel core i5 4210U processor. It can be considered one of the greatest gadgets available for gaming.
Price: 33990 INR
1. HP 15-ay011nr:
With 15.6 inches Full HD display, this laptop will surely give you the amazing experience in gaming. This laptop is having 8 GB RAM and 6th generation core i5 6200U processor. You don’t need to worry about storage space also as it is coming with 1 TB hard disk. All these high valued specifications will be there in your laptop with not that high price.
Price: 64380 INR
If you are gaming lover, you would always prefer latest laptops available in the market. The main concern is you should know the configurations required for a particular game. It is always advisable to go for the laptop after checking gaming requirements. There are many laptops which can give you a high level of configurations but same time they will cost very high. Above list will give you all functions without creating problem to your pocket.

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