Top 5 Bikes in India under 5 Lakhs

Indians have a great love for adventure and series of speeding bikes, the companies around the world launch their superbikes in India as the larger portion of India’s population over the years has shown great love for fancy bikes.

You may own a number of vehicles being rich but bikes will surely be your best riding companion, this festive season if you are stepping out to buy bikes. Take a look at our list if top 5 bikes in India with the budget of 5 Lakhs that will surely help you to formalize your idea for a particular bike to choose.


Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300

No.05 Benelli TNT 300 Price Range INR 3, 07,000

The world famous bike brand Benelli has finally jumped in India’s market with Benelli TNT 300 model perfect for India’s bumpy roads; it will be shocking for you to know the bike with the tag of 3 lakhs rupees is the cheapest model of the company. Benelli has crafted the bike with all care as it comes with Italian artwork, powerful clutch control, refined sports suspension, ergonomic layout. Benelli TNT 300 has marked a great capture amongst bike lovers and company is looking forward to launching its other models in India as well.  All these remarkable quality with bold Benelli name portrayed on TNT 300 is available at INR 3, 07,000.

No.04 Yamaha YZF-R3 Price Range INR 3, 25,000

Yamaha in the recent years has evolved as the most lovable sports bike range in India, establishing big name amongst common price range in between INR 70,000-1, 00,000. The Yamaha YZF-R3 is the most expensive Yamaha bike available in Indian market, the model is available in two splendid color options of racing blue and midnight black. Some of the fascinating features of the bike include fuel consumption indicator, engine temperature indicator, gear position indicator and shift indicator light. Get ready to pay INR 3,25,000 to make this Superb Rider yours.

No.03 Kawasaki Ninja Z250 Price Range INR 3, 20,659

The Ninja series of Kawasaki proved enormous success for the path finder’s as the brand was struggling to count big in India’s market before Ninja, Z250 version of Kawasaki Ninja emerged as the extension to Z1000 and Z800 models. The appealing look of the bike became a hot topic at the time of its launch, Kawasaki Ninja Z250 will surely add more stars to your style statement. The most specific features of the bike include fuel indicator, trip meters, multi-functioning electronic LCD Screen. The current price of the Kawasaki pride Ninja Z250 is INR 3, 20,659.

No.02 Hyosung GT 650N Price Range INR 4, 12,000

The Korean Bike Company looking for an entry in India’s league of Bike lovers, has launched its GT 650N model that is dedicated to India’s youth, the swag look of the bike has listed it as the new style statement amongst Bike Freaks. The bike is part of the company’s GT branch that deals with bikes with a powerful engine and magnetizing looks. Available with vibrant color options, the most favorite Red Color model of Hyosung GT 650N comes with all modern setting and features such as twin trip meters, digital speedometer with analog technology, fuel indicator, and shift light technology marks it a great choice. You need to carry just INR 4,12,000 to name this bike yours.

No.01 Harley Davidson Street 750 Price Range INR 4, 70,700

The most famous and Day Dreaming Bike Company Harley Davidson is not a new name to Indian Bikers, the luxurious bike with superb looks has classified itself as the first choice of every Bike Lovers. The Street 750 model of Harley Davidson launched through Indian Auto Expo last year is the Dark Custom motorcycle range of Harley Davidson. The Harley Davidson Street 750 model with tag “For the Young and Young at Heart” has been listed with the price range of INR 4,70,700.

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